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The new Hans Dampf

Hans Dampf
exploring new grounds in Israel

This trip started just like most trips, with an idea. In November we reached out to Scotty Laughland to discuss where we should shoot the new Hans Dampf.

Location? To be determined.

When a company launches and brings a new product to the market, there quickly comes a point where, apart from the technical aspects, the image and purpose must be defined. Where do we see the tire as a manufacturer? What properties do we put in the forefront?

The new Hans Dampf was no different. A tire that is made to handle every terrain needs a location that seriously demands him. We asked, where can we bring the tire to its limits? Early in the year the Alps are not an option. Despite the extensive travel to get there most of the stories about New Zealand have already been told as well as Morocco or Spain. Other locations are difficult to reach.

After a look at the world map we ask ourselves - has anyone ever been to Israel?

There are certainly countries with which we link more positive words; settlements, conflicts, terror are not the most inviting words and Israel does not necessarily apply as a mountain bike Mecca. But are those prejudices true?

We wanted to know more, so we threw all our prejudice overboard and contacted EWS athlete Noga Korem to learn more about the country. The plan was fixed - the new Hans Dampf campaign will be done in Israel!

Tel Aviv

Shalom! We start our journey in TEL AVIV. After the bikes are built and some amazing local breakfast to fill our bellies, we are excited to meet up with local Noga Korem, discover the city, find some photo spots and get ready for the drive to Jerusalem.


Noga is professional Enduro rider and native of Israel. Relatively unknown, Noga archived impressive results last year with a 3rd place at the EWS in Madeira and finishing the season on 7th overall. This year she joined the GT Factory Racing team and will have full professional support helping her at the races.

We could not have found a better guide to show us around Israel!

Tel Aviv is a bustling metropolis. The Modern City mesmerizes us with its markets and historic old town of Jaffa, but it‘s time to get on the way to Jerusalem where we want to ride the iconic sugar trail.

Sugar Trail


The next morning we get an early start to ride the sugar trail, a man-made trail from Jerusalem all the way down to the Dead Sea. Since it´s made for camels, there are no challenging, steep downhills, however this trail is not to be under estimated.

What a day! The trail is flowy and fun with small uphills and technical bits. Riding is one thing, but filming it and shooting photos a whole other. We are happy to get something to drink at the trailhead after 6 hours in the desert carrying the equipment through one of the driest places on earth.

The South


Roughly two hours south from the Dead Sea we stopped at the crater close to Mitzpe Ramon. The view from top is unreal and we cannot wait to hit the trails again.

After this experience we´re heading further south toward Eilat which flags the very southern portion of Israel. Before we get there we make a quick stop at Timna National Park. With its colorful sands and the uncommon stone formations we can´t resist from taking a few shots here.


THANK YOU Israel, it's been awesome. We’ve enjoyed our time, met so many friendly people, discovered and shared new experiences. We didn’t know what to expect when we came here but it’s been an amazing journey and we’ll be back one day!

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